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The new economy (call it sharing, participatory, collaborative or p2p economy) has reached a stage in its development where its own problems are starting to become apparent. Practitioners of the new economy already see patterns of problems and are starting to exchange their experiences and to brainstorm for solutions. This page details real problems and proposes viable solutions.

This is an open approach to organizational design.


The SENSORICA OVN was created during the winter of 2010-2011 and has accumulated valuable experience related to open networks, peer governance and peer production. The founding group took a minimalist approach to organizational design. They decided to put structure in place (norms, rules, governance) only in response to a problem. This makes the SENSORICA flavor of the OVN model very emergent. At the same time, SENSORICA network affiliates voluntarily exposed themselves to problems. During the relatively short history of SENSORICA most problems have been anticipated and dealt with effectively. Two major crisis have shaken SENSORICA and forced it to craft new rules and solidify its legal status. The first one took place in the spring of 2014, and the second one at the end of August 2014. After these major crisis, the SENSORICA network shows a very good capacity to learn, adapt, create structure and, since these crisis are also somewhat destructive, to regenerate.

SENSORICA affiliates have created a document to reflect on the first crisis, called Sensorica spring 2014 Crisis - summary. The second crisis was documented in Sustaining the commons - august 2014 crisis

During OuiShare Fest, May 2014, in Paris, Tibi insisted to discuss about problems with members of other open neworks, and understood that as networks grow and become more complex they all develop a similar pattern of problems.

In September 2014 Ruxandra from Balele and Tibi from SENSORICA took the initiative to bring together a few influencial members of open networks/communities to openly discuss about problems and to brainstorm solutions. They created a document called Open innovation and collaborative systems - problems and solutions. This wikipage is in fact a continuation of this first gathering.

SENSORICA affiliates have also produced "(self-)critical reports" for 2013 and 2014, where they look back and analyse success and problems.

Problems related to participation

Problems related to communication

Problems related to coordination

Problems related to reputation

Problems related to visibility, transparency, legibility

Problems related to culture