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Means spreading. Requires some push but mostly relies on adption. We say that ideas and knowledge disseminates.

Replaces the concept of distribution as in transnational market distribution of goods.

In capitalism, solutions are offered in the form of products and reach those in need through market transactions, You need to cut something, someone has made a knife, you can buy it at the store. [Commons-based peer production]] is an economic process through which solutions are spread not as products of commodities, but as designs created with DIY in mind. In other words, you need to cut something, you can search on the Internet how to make a knife, find some open source design, buy the materials and fabricate one yourself. This proposition may seem too far-fetched fut in fact this reality is here. With the advent of digital fabrication, a lot of household objects can be 3D printed for example. All one needs is a 3D model (a digital file) and access to a 3D printer, which has now become a ubiquitous technology. The time and cost to purchase an object approaches very rapidly the time and cost to make one. For more sophisticated objects we can imagine the future use local shared digital fabrication facilities, offering more robust and sophisticated tools and technical support. We call this hyper local fabrication. This follows the p2p mantra: from global commons to local production. Thus, in a p2p society we will rely less on distribution of products that embody solutions to some problems and more on dissemination of open source designs for DIY, local fabrication.