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Here we describe the Open Value Network organizational model (OVN for short) and its implementation in real-live ventures. We can also say that this wiki describes the p2p economy, peer production, or the 4th sector, in theory and in practice.

The OVN wiki is primarily useful to those who engage in p2p practices, as part of open networks. At the same time, it is also a great source of information and inspiration for those who evolve in traditional settings, but want to engage in hybrid activities, engage in open innovation or open source development, interface with online communities or any open network out there.

Open network-type organizations are not new, but with the advent of the digital technology they've came to the mainstream, as they have become channels for great achievements in the past three decades, and are starting to be seen as necessary vehicles for global and complex endeavours. We believe that OVN is the organization of the future. Nothing is certain about the future, but the past 30 years we've seen an exponential increase in their presence and size, in almost all spheres of human activity.


ATTENTION: We are going through another systematic revision cycle of the OVN model. See more on OVN 3.0 page.

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Open Value Network (OVN) refers to a new organizational framework designed to support commons-based peer production. This organization is by nature and from birth transnational.

More on What is an open value network?


The OVN organizational model was first proposed, developed and implemented by Sensorica affiliates to support material commons-based peer production (i.e. the production of material things by open networks), in early 2011. Sensorica was created in February 2011 - see the 2013 TEDx video presentation by Tibi.

More on OVN history.

Important sections

Examples of open value networks

The following are organizations that identify, to various degrees, with the OVN model as described here.

All sufficiently decentralized and permissionless blockchain services such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are OVNs.

DAOs are special breaths of OVNs, mostly operating in the digital realm.

Types of open value networks

Initiate an open value network

Current issues the OVN model and proposed solutions

Variations of the OVN model

  • DISCO -
  • RTPLO - Real-Time Public Ledger Organization

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Interesting papers

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