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Here we describe the OVN (open value network) model and its implementation in real-live ventures. We can also say that this wiki describes the economy of the 4th sector.


ATTENTION: We are going through another systematic revision cycle of the OVN model. See more on OVN 3.0 page..


Open Value Network (OVN) refers to a new organizational framework designed to support commons-based peer production. This organization is by nature and from birth transnational.

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The model was first proposed, developed and implemented by Sensorica affiliates to support material commons-based peer production (i.e. the production of material things by open networks), in early 2011. Sensorica was created in February 2011 - see the 2013 TEDx video presentation by Tibi.

More on OVN history.

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Current issues the OVN model and proposed solutions

Variations of the OVN model

  • DISCO -
  • RTPLO - Real-Time Public Ledger Organization

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