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A context of work with a set of goals and a set of benefits associated with it. A project is smaller in scope, it can be designing or prototyping something, organizing an event, etc. Projects can deploy within ventures but not necessarily, as some projects are generic, such as infrastructure maintenance or housekeeping for the entire network.


On May 16 of 2021 Sensorica officially dropped the term project in favor of the term venture. This change was reflected on the Sensorica website where the Projects page became the Ventures page, and all mentions of "project" were changed into "venture". This initiative was spearheaded by Tibi. The justification was that people didn't understand the nature of endeavors in Sensorica and were considering them as small hardware-oriented projects, focused solely on prototyping something. To make people think about dimensions of production and dissemination, Tibi thought that the term venture was more appropriate. Thus Sensorica projects became ventures, that is open and collaborative ventures. These type of ventures are driven by collaborative entrepreneurs, which are supported within the network by the collaborative entrepreneurship program.

To this date, this change has not been implemented in the [[NRP-CAS].

With respect to the origin of the project

Some projects originate within the OVN, initiated by network affiliates. These are endogenous projects. Other projects originate outside of the network. We call them exogenous projects. Some projects have mixed origin.

The difference between the two extreme categories is that exogenous projects establish a relationship between the OVN and another entity, [[organization] or individual, which brings with it constraints responsibilities and engagements towards this other entity, but also new forms of benefits. Examples of constraints are: non disclosure clauses, intellectual property, etc. Mixed projects can take the form of an initiative initiated by a network affiliate with some relations to external parties which can directly or indirectly benefit from this initiative.