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Which basic functional and environmental characteristics are common to the general idea of Value Network in theory and practice?

What initial conditions are conducive to the emergence and sustainability of a scalable economic 'living system' in this paradigm?

This page is an alternative, minimalist / generalist / catalyst approach to the question What is a value network?. Instead, we consider what, fundamentally, brings life into the socio-economic system which will grow and flourish as a network over time--and without which, the network will diminish and desist.

Critical Components

  1. Cause - an initiatory vision and trajectory which inspire enthusiasm, confidence, and investment; similar to 'value proposition' in a traditional business plan
  2. Capital - an aggregation of Seed Value assets and resources which provide an attractive store of energy to begin productive efforts
  3. Currency - information systems to transparently record and transfer credits in dimensions like money, reputation, intention, and participation
  4. Credibility - the foundation of trust amongst peers which will sustain the currency systems and promote generative culture
  5. Community - a surrounding body of peers and potential customers with resources to exchange for goods and services
  6. Conjugation - the ability to extend and intersect the network, inducting members, interfacing with siblings, and subdivision