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This page explains how to initiate an OVN. We don't use the term 'building' an OVN, because the OVN is an emergent structure. It is initiated from a seed value (initial value experience for affiliates), which already contains in it information about the innovation and production activities, the resources that are needed, including type of roles that affiliates need to play in various processes. In order for the OVN to develop, it must create benefits for affiliates through its motivation and incentive system.

Tibi, Keli and others are working on a OVN manual.

See also SENSORICA CAS tutorials for instructions about how to set up and maintain the NRP-CAS.

An emergent structure

An OVN is an emergent organization. Therefore this page doesn't provide the blueprint of an OVN, but describes the conditions one needs to put in place in order for a OVN to emerge.

Seed value

See page on Seed value It is important to identify the seed value and to communicate it properly, to attract more participants around the project.

OVN architecture

The OVN will be emergent, but we still need to put a minimal structure in place in order to have it grow into something. In doing so, we can get inspired by the Theoretical background - living systems page.

Next, we need to reflect on the following sections:

Type of creations

See Types of open value networks on this topic and build a list of different types of creations.

Resources used

See wiki entry on Resource Types and list all resources used in processes.

Activities and Roles

See wiki entry on Role System.


For every important seed role, describe the main incentives. This should answer the question what motivates individuals who prefer certain roles.

Some examples:

  • People in sales are generally motivated by immediate tangible rewards (% of sales per product),
  • R&D people are motivated by fluid equity(% of total sales),
  • Those who contribute to theory and synthesis are also motivated by visibility, recognition, reputation…
  • Some individuals are intrinsically motivated by doing social good or contributing to a good cause.

Capturing methods

If any. See wiki entry on this topic and describe all the methods used to capture various valuables.

Contribution Accounting System

CAS for short, more on NRP-CAS


List all different types of contributions. Contributions are related to Roles and to Resources used.

Open Lynn's guide to install a VAS

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