Work on benefits distribution algorithms for Sensorica's NRP-CAS

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Economic events have "quantity" (number of hours, $ spent, etc) and "value".

Value is the common denominator for all the contributions. All quantities get converted to value. The concept of "claim" is related to that conversion.

value as a parameter is an absolute

Claims can be formulated

  • by individuals: here's something I did, has x value, take it or leave it.
  • by the group: this is a task, we predict 5 hours (quantity) at 20$/hour (rate) --> value

We can use citations as a means to pull in contributions from other contexts (or the same context) into a value stream. Even stuff done by people not part of the OVN can be cited and assigned value to their contributions.

There is the question to assign value at the resource type level. This is dangerous, because this is modeling absolute value, which doesn't exist. So value needs to be assigned in use, at the event level.

Open document describing how the value equation works in the actual NRP-CAS.

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