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The feedback system is a system gathering data and producing signals (can be visuals), which provide real-time information about economic activity, how resources are transformed and consumed, how assets flow within the network and how information and resources are exchanged with the environment (can be the market). This feedback system must be open source for everyone to trust it. The information produced by the feedback system must be available to all the affiliates involved in the network and beyond.

The feedback system is very important for stigmergic activity or self-organization. The output of the feedback system decorates the digital and physical work environment, allowing network affiliates to connect the dots at every level (venture, network and ecosystem), wherever they are. The role of this system is to build and maintain awareness and a general understanding of the value network, in order to improve the efficiency of process, to increase the level of rational decision making for every peer.

In the language of living systems, we can say that the feedback system is part of the self-awareness process of the OVN.

NOTE: open the original Sensorica Feedback system doc started in 2011.


Feedback in the context of ventures

The feedback system can help venture affiliates better self-organize and better allocate their resources. For example, the system can monitor economic events or contributions to venture activities from the NRP-CAS (network resources planning and contribution accounting system), and provide feedback about how the vitality of the venture, predict potential problems, propose solutions, compare ventures, etc.. Venture-specific visuals are presented in every venture’s environment (physical and virtual). They inform network affiliates and everyone else about the vitality of every venture.

The system can also monitor communication channels and provide feedback about the social aspect of the venture. For example, is there a lot of excitement in the venture, are participants happy, is collaboration hindered by disagreements, does the venture need better governance?

Feedback at the network level

The feedback system can monitor and provide feedback on network affiliates, their performance, their problems, propose improvements, etc.

The feedback system can compare ventures and guide network affiliates to apply their resources to ventures, to diversify their contributions to ventures, to mitigate risks related to contributions (investment), etc.


Mapping is a module of the feedback system, as it can serve the purpose of having real time information about key processes and flows, apart from orienting, formulating strategy and planning.


Video: How You Really Make Decisions BBC documentary.