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First published on April 10, 2012, see original doc.

Individual profiles constitute an important module of the OVN Infrastructure.

It can be understood as an avatar, and as digital identity of an agent. It is a socio-economic profile, containing data about social and economic activity. It must be composable and may contain information about

  • roles
  • reputation
  • contributions to ventures / projects (economic activity) and commitments to processes, activities.
  • artifacts (content, data, designs, prototypes, etc.] produced by the affiliate
  • social relations (connections with other agents), which can be seen as social capital, may be shared in context / processes, part of the wealth structure of a network.
  • networks affiliations
  • credentials (or access rights, including access to governance, to resources, etc.).
  • available assets (under private property regime that can be shared under certain conditions), part of the wealth structure of the network
  • needs and wants or desires (can be used in markets that match needs and wants)

Individual profiles must provide a window into the past of the affiliate and at the same time can be used as a predictive tool, ex. to judge if a future action or relation would be beneficial.

The individual profile can even have agency in the digital world. It can be AI-enhanced to act on behalf of the real agent in some circumstances, sign contracts based on predefined rules, etc.

Profiles play an important role in self-organization. They allow other agents and automated processes to evaluate an agent with respect to an action/process.

The information about affiliations can be used by agents and bots in the context of a project / venture to assess the organic reach into other organizational contexts, beyond the immediate zone of influence of the context. This allows surfacing of a new form of network wealth, its influence or degree of connectivity with other networks within the ecosystem, provided by the number of relations extending from the context network to other networks, through agents. Moreover, this can also provide visibility into the viability of the entire ecosystem, provided by the density of the web of connections between sub-networks through cross-pollinating agents, which is another form of ecosystemic wealth.

Profiles can also be extended to self-owning resources that operate as DAOs. For example, a shared car that owns itself can have a profile, providing information about its viability, usage, location, physical characteristics, etc.

Profiles should also contain Reputation.

Design considerations

The individual profile can be implemented as an aggregator of data stored in different places. The data is structured in a standard way to become portable and interoperable with other modules of the infrastructure. Thus, the individual profile is more than an account to a service, containing data stored at the service location (centralized), such as a Facebook account. See also the page on identity.

Other properties:

  • It is composable (see above)
  • It is presented in a standard format
  • It is non-transferable (one option is see Proof-of-Personhood, see also soul-bound tokens or SBT)
  • Must be portable. An individual can participate in more than one OVN simultaneously. for example, it enables the individual to transport his/her reputation and credentials from one cluster of economic activities (one value network) to another.
  • Must be under the control of the affiliate, with the possibility of storing the data anywhere.
  • The individual must have write access to some parts of his/her profile, but some parts are protected. For example, applications can write data about contributions roles, and reputation, which cannot be deleted by the affiliate in question. Other affiliates could also have edit rights on someone's profile. A correction mechanism must be provided to correct non-factual additions by other affiliates or apps to someone's profile.
  • Requires an authentication mechanism.
  • Is sibyl resistant.


First Individual profile implemented by Sensorica.

Individual profile on the server client NRP

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Photo below shows the individual profile of an affiliate type agent.
Photo below shows the individual profile of an organization type agent.

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