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A process that creates form of permanency, generates something that has a duration in time. It can be a process that extracts something from the environment or from another process and stores / preserves that, or slows down ts decay.

Applied to documentation

One good example is the process of documentation. Imagine a groups meeting. A participant in the meeting can be assigned the task to take notes (meeting notes), we call this harvesting, a capturing mechanism. These notes can be taken using in a text processing application (a tool, could be a pen and a paper), which can be saved in a specific file format and stored in a database. Thus, the information that is harvested during the meeting can be made available to other participants after the meeting, accessible all time. In this case, the capturing mechanism, as an accumulation mechanisms, builds organizational knowledge and increasing the organization's ability to deal with complex problems and to innovate.

Applied to material resources

Capturing mechanisms can also be applied to material resources. For example, Sensorica has put in place the NRP-CAS, which has a function of inventory. The inventory is a list of assets that are pooled together from various affiliates, under various property regimes, with clear rules for access and use. See more on pool of shareables.

Applied to crypto

The same concept can be applied to monetary currency, cryptocurrency, using web3 tech, DAO functionality to capture tokens from various processes and re-inject them into the metabolism of the OVN.

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