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Time-based contributions are characterized by a continuous labor process and small tasks. Examples are office work, R&D, infrastructure work, marketing, etc. NOTE that time is only an indicator of the value created. Time-based contributions give quantitative measure of continuous contributions.

Time-based contributions need to be evaluated in context, based on their impact on ventures or on the OVN as a whole.

We are designing a log system to assist value network affiliates to input data into the system, i.e. to log their time-based contributions. But we need to realize that this system needs to match different types of activities, like R&D, manufacturing, office work, meetings, sales, etc. One solution is to create different interfaces to match these different activities. Examples are:

The log system is part of the value system, i.e. it interacts with other modules.


In the first version of the value system used by Sensorica every affiliate must log activities within a database. A second version used a Back Office Catalog. The new version is using project management and workflow tools. When a task is marked as completed it will automatically be transferred to the activities/tasks database.

Some have made suggestions to setup a CMS system that uses a webcam or mobile applications to record work activities, here: see Drupal prototype proposed by Troy.